WeldVR Takes Welding Training to the Next Level

Cythero is proud to announce the release of its latest product WeldVR, a virtual reality welding software launched at IBIS USA in Nashville.

This cutting-edge software allows trainees to practice their welding skills in a safe and controlled virtual environment, using realistic simulations of welding equipment and scenarios. With the ability to customize the software to match specific welding techniques and equipment, trainees can gain practical experience that would otherwise be challenging or costly to obtain.

The virtual reality welding software also features interactive tutorials and real-time feedback, allowing trainees to learn at their own pace and receive instant guidance on how to improve their technique.

“We’re excited to offer this revolutionary training tool to our customers,” said Nikola Rendevski, CEO of Cythero. “With virtual reality technology, we can provide an immersive and engaging training experience that better prepares welders for real-world challenges. WeldVR is a game-changer for the welding industry.”

Jason Moseley said:” We are proud to partner with Cythero and bring to our industry such new innovative training solution that assists in current challenges the industry is facing in skills shortages. IBIS as the global industry body is active in sourcing such new initiatives to showcase such new technology that will benefit our members and the industry as a whole concluded Mr Moseley.”

Cythero, working with its partners and industry-leading bodies like IBIS are committed to providing the most advanced training solutions for the industrial sector. To learn more about the virtual reality welding software and other training solutions, visit www.cythero.com or contact Diana Trajcevska Executive Director

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