SprayVerse part of the Inspiring Skills Excellence in Wales

We are elated to share some fantastic news that highlights the dedication of the Welsh government and the leadership of Coleg Sir Gar. The groundbreaking “Inspiring Skills Excellence in Wales” initiative has received a significant boost with the inclusion of … Read More

Our CEO, Nikola Rendevski, speaking at IBIS Latin America

Exciting Announcement! We are thrilled to share that our CEO, Dr. Nikola Rendevski will be a keynote speaker at IBIS Worldwide LATAM 2023! Join us as Nikola takes the stage to discuss “VR: The Gateway to Talent Attraction and Skill Development in the Bodyshop” … Read More

WeldVR Takes Welding Training to the Next Level

Cythero is proud to announce the release of its latest product WeldVR, a virtual reality welding software launched at IBIS USA in Nashville. This cutting-edge software allows trainees to practice their welding skills in a safe and controlled virtual environment, … Read More

Cythero, only at IBIS 2023

We are proud to announce the exclusive partnership with IBIS Worldwide to showcase and launch VR training and a recruitment solutions for the automotive industry. We will be attending three major IBIS events, starting with IBIS Middle East on the … Read More

Cythero internship program creates opportunities

We are thrilled to welcome Anastasija Trajkovska to our dynamic Cythero team. Anastasia was part of the 2022 Cythero Internship program. She spent 3 months in our VR research and development center learning VR development and working on exciting VR … Read More

Toyota USA Adopting VR Training for new Trainees

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana (TMMI) is adopting the use of virtual reality for the development of their new trainees in skills such as spray painting. TMMI training facility is equipped with multiple SprayVerse VR spray painting simulators being used for early learning.  Eddie … Read More

Cythero CEO Visited Thatcham Research Automotive Academy

Our CEO and President Dr. Nikola Rendevski visited Thatcham Research Automotive Academy. With Mr. Dean Lander and his team explored the future of VR Training for Electric Vehicles Repair Procedures. Many thanks to the Thatcham team and Dean for their … Read More

SprayVerse VR Spray Painting Simulator on UK Garage and Bodyshop Event 2022

We are excited to see our SprayVerse VR Spray Painting Simulator on showcase by Thatcham Research as they demonstrate the future of XR training during their presentation at UK Garage and Bodyshop Event 2022 at NEC Birmingham.

Cythero Presentation: Immersive Education and Training in Metaverse at IEEE ICEST 2022 Conference

Impressive talk and presentation about Cythero vision for the next-generation learning and training delivery by our President and CEO Dr. Nikola Rendevski at the 57th IEEE ICEST Conference. Dr. Rendevski presented our key VR products and discussed about the Metaverse … Read More